Stop the Corporate Takeover of American Democracy



In January, five Republican Supreme Court Justices gave the biggest corporations – even foreign-owned corporations – a new Constitutional right to buy our elections.

Now powerful corporations like ExxonMobil and ToyotaUSA can buy our mayors, our governors, our Congress –  even our President.

Five Republicans on the Supreme Court think corporations have too little power, not too much. They are wrong, and 80% of Americans disagree with them.

Generations of Americans – not corporations – fought and died for our freedom. American Democracy was sanctified by their sacrifices, and our elections must remain for Americans not corporations.

We are fighting for strict new laws that start immediately and a Constitutional Amendment that keeps corporations out of politics forever.

At this crucial moment, American Democracy needs true patriots like youplease take action today!


Written by kkrahel

February 11, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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